NETGEAR R7000P Fios Router [Verizon Fios Compatible Router]

NETGEAR R7000P Fios Router

The fios users are finding the best router for verizon fios. However, it is not an easy task, and it needs deep research to find out the best product available in the market. So, just to help you out we are here with the NETGEAR R7000P Fios Router.

This smart wifi router comes from a well-known brand’s house and offers such super excellent tech specs to the users. We all know that Netgear is one of the major tech giants working in the industry for a long time.

The best part is, they are engineering such high-quality products without any quality compromise. The NETGEAR R7000P Fios Router is one of the highest-selling routers of Netgear. This smart wifi router comes with a lot of smart technologies like ultra-fast internet speed, better connectivity, and the most important wide coverage as well.

Just all you need to check out is this review to understand this product in a deep way. So, I would say this review will help you to choose the best for you as per your expectations ad of course in your budget as well.

So, without waiting anymore let’s get started with this detailed review of this best router for fios.

NETGEAR R7000P Fios Router [The Detailed Review]

NETGEAR R7000P Fios Router Review

Wide Coverage Area – When it comes to the important features, then wide coverage area is one of the most important points that should be considered while buying a router. It is one of the best verizon fios compatible routers coming from the house of Netgear.

It offers up to 2000 sq ft coverage and is the best router for apartment. Just because of the wide coverage area it can be the best one for your home and even office as well.  It covers a large area and maintains strong connectivity around you wherever you are using it.

So, there is no doubt it is the best available device for you. You can go for this fios compatible router if you want to experience something best in terms of quality. The NETGEAR R7000P Fios Router is one of the best world-class verizon fios compatible router.

This smart machine is quite interesting and of course, you will love the way it actually performs and offers such amazing features. It is recommended by the experts and the people also loving this smart machine.

best router for apartment

Ultra-Fast Internet Speed – When it comes to the most important thing in a router, then undoubtedly it is the wifi speed. If you are using a router and it doesn’t offer a faster wifi speed. Then trust me it cannot be the best.

However, NETGEAR R7000P Fios Router is the router that has the potential to deliver faster wifi speed up to 2300 Mbps. The speed, this amazing router offers to the users is quite amazing. And no doubt you won’t face any speed issues with this high-end tech machine.

I am personally using this router at my home. And I am aware of the performance, it is superb. For those who are looking for a Verizon fios router replacement. This is the best option to go for. It is engineered to be the best and to perform excellently fine.

The wifi speed of this machine is just fantastic, if you are verizon subscriber then you might be aware of the issues the default router causes to the users.

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External Antennas – Whenever we say better connectivity then antennas play a very major role. If a router comes with external antennas, then definitely it performs amazingly fine. Because external antennas perform very well and maintain strong connectivity around you.

The NETGEAR R7000P Fios Router is the fios compatible router that comes with the 3 external antennas which make it an ideal machine for every home. As I told you it can cover up to 2000 sq ft area. Then it only becomes possible because of the 3 external antennas.

They capture a better network and provide you the strong network strength. So, If you are thinking about the network strength and connectivity. Then this machine is an ideal option for you. You can go for it and it won’t let you down in terms of performance and even features as well.

So, not just faster internet speed, even though with this amazing router, you will also experience better connectivity as well.

Up To 35 Devices At A Time – It is one of the most amazing features of this machine, which you will surely love. You can connect up to 35 smart devices with this router and you will still experience the super smooth and seamless experience of using a wifi router every time.

The NETGEAR R7000P Fios Router is one of those routers compatible with verizon fios that comes with a powerful processor. That is the main reason why it performs very genuinely without any problem. Especially for those who want to connect multiple devices to it at a time.

It is the most ideal machine available in the market. It comes with lots and lots of useful features and of course supports high-end technologies. If you are in the need of a fios compatible router, then undoubtedly, this is the best available ones for you.

This smart and the best fios router comes with a powerful dual-core 1GHz processor. I would personally recommend you to go for this device if you want to experience a seamless experience every time. Also, the device looks really cool.

It comes in a universal black color with Netgear’s branding in white color at the upper surface which catches the eyes and looks very elegant. So, these are the things that create a perfect combination of smart points to make this machine an ideal option for all.

The Final Verdict

best router for verizon fios

Well, these are a few of the major features of this machine which indicates that if you are willing to buy the best in class product, then without any doubt you can go for this machine. It has the potential to perform excellently well whenever you want to use the internet with this smart router.

The NETGEAR R7000P Fios Router has all those features that are highly required for a router to be the best in the market. So, why are you waiting for? Just give it a try right now

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